The Stories of Our Lives

Our lives are stories!  We all walk many different paths in life and we each have a story to tell: stories of our successes, our failures, our loves and disappointments.  We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves, and those stories are necessary for creating our memories.  All of these stories are important to remember as they help bring a deeper meaning and understanding to who we really are and what we are about.  The music that will be presented to you this season is music that was inspired by events that have had influenced how people have lived.  It is also music that reflects how we live these stories out and form us into the people we become in this world.

Our winter concert, “From Tragedy to Triumph” features an original symphony for band from the pen of composer James Barnes.  His “Symphony No. 3 – the Tragic” was written out of a deep sadness after the death of his young baby daughter, Natalie.  This four movement work covers all of a range of emotions from deep anger and sadness to thoughts of what life could have been like had his daughter lived.  The piece has a closing movement that describes the process of healing and restoration.  It is truly a Triumph over the Tragedy.  We will also perform “Symphony No. 1- In Memoriam Dresden” by Daniel Buckvich.  This short symphony musically describes the devastation of the city of Dresden done by allied troupes in 1945 during World War II.



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