In keeping with its goal of outreach to the community the Twin Ports Wind Orchestra (TPWO) has established several Honors positions that are offered to area high school musicians. Area high school band directors are invited to send some of their students to rehearse and play a concert with the TPWO. This is a unique opportunity for the students to participate in an adult band and share a music making experience with some of the Northland's finest musicians. The students, the band director, and the school's music program are given special recognition during the TPWO concert.

Current Honors Musicians

Past Honors Musicians

October 26, 2014

Kate Kropid (Marshall), Clarinet
Grace Maki (Marshall), Tenor Saxophone
Andrew Jarocki (Marshall), Trombone

March 21, 2015

Kacie Lundin (East), Flute
Nick Cortes (East), Alto Saxophone
Sean Daly (East), Trumpet
Sy Stock (East), Trombone

November 2, 2013

Christian West (CSS), Trombone
Chris Belich (CSS), Percussion

February 16, 2014

Derick Rossell (East), Clarinet
Karl Badger (East), Baritone Saxophone
Jonas Biles (East), Trumpet
Jackson Churchill (East), Trombone
Zane Biles (East), Bass Trombone

October 21, 2012

Max Dahl (Superior), Baritone Saxophone
Tyler Furey (Superior), Trumpet
Devon Lockwood (Superior), Trombone
Dustin Jenny (Superior), Bass Trombone
Johnny Erickson (Superior), Percussion
Kate Tusha (Superior), Percussion

March 23, 2013

Jonas Biles (East), Trumpet
Jackson Churchill (East), Trombone
Zane Biles (East), Bass Trombone
Joe Rauzi (East), Percussion

October 22, 2011

Matt Peterson, Clarinet

March 10, 2012

Han Vit Oh (Marshall), Clarinet
Anthony Cotter (Marshall), Bass Clarinet
Michael Wambach (Marshall), French Horn

February 26, 2011

Elizabeth Berge (Two Harbors), Flute
Emily Kasparek (Superior), Flute
Danielle Anderson (Cloquet), Clarinet
Danielle Barto (Superior), Alto Saxophone
Brittney Carroll (Superior), Tenor Saxophone
Heather Fynboh (Two Harbors), Trumpet
Derek Struss (Superior), Trumpet
Austin Manley (Central), French Horn
Zach Sather (Superior), Trombone
John Roemhildt (Cloquet), Tuba



Maddie Trudeau (Ely), French Horn
Jenna Potter (Ely), Alto Saxophone

May 31, 2009

Danielle Anderson, Clarinet
Travis McMillen, Tenor Saxophone
Josh Biles, Tuba
Jennifer LeGarde, Percussion
Matt Neimi, Percussion
Chase Pritchett, Percussion

October 28, 2007

Idril Faith (Marshall), Flute
Sam McKinney (Marshall), Percussion

February 23, 2008

Breann Sylverster, Flute
Katie Anderson, Clarinet
Jodi Husman, Tenor Saxophone
Adam Kasparek, Trumpet
Renae Hinkeldey, French Horn
Chris Caine, Trombone
Billy Schock, Tuba

October 29, 2006

Johanna Gruskin, Flute
Gretchen Grube, French Horn
Rebecca Gruskin, French Horn
Chad Erlemeier, Percussion

June 3, 2007

Liza Pierre (Central), Flute
Hannah Olson (Central), Bass Clarinet
Kylie Dalager (Central), Percussion
Chad Erlemeier (Central), Percussion

October 30, 2005

Tim Rahkola, Clarinet
Michael Alexander (Hermantown), French Horn
Gretchen Grube, French Horn
Tim Steine, Percussion

February 19, 2006

Pauline Jackson (Denfeld), Alto Saxophone
Aaron Haller (Denfeld), Trumpet

June 4, 2006

Heather Ruemmele (Hermantown), Bassoon
Orley Francois (Harbor City), Bass Clarinet
Laura Krossner, French Horn
Chad Erlemeier (Central), Percussion
Cameron Faerber (East), Percussion


Heather Reummele (Hermantown), Bassoon
Michael Alenznder (Hermantown), Horn
Frazer Heinis (Hermantown), Trombone

February 6, 2005

Justin Fudally (Northwestern), Baritone Saxophone
Amber Johnson (Northwestern), Clarinet

June 5, 2005

Liz Dalzen (Barnum), Baritone Saxophone

October 10, 2003

A. Eastman
David Greenberg
Joshua Greenberg

May 23, 2004

Anna Hamon, Flute
Brett Lenski, Oboe / English Horn
Brittaney Saline, Alto Saxophone
Andy Wold, Percussion

February 9, 2003

Aaron Henderson (Denfeld)
Adam Kittelson (Denfeld)

June 1, 2003

Matthew Wasmund (Marshall)
Anna Svensson (Marshall)
David Mennes (Marshall)
Kaitlyn Wahlsten (Marshall)